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The Following Post Will Not Be Written This Evening Because…

I am having what is called in writing circles ” writer’s block” , which is defined by dictionary.com as a “…temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other
work.”. And since I cannot seem to get past it, I might as well blog about it.
As I sit here watching the Olympic Games, there are a lot of things I can be writing about (body image, confidence, thick-skinned, to name a few), but at the present those words are not there. I work full time, and it is not always easy for the words to flow freely from my brain where my thoughts are housed to paper, which is why I keep a notepad close to write down those key words which will “spark” my memory when I pick up my pen and start writing again.

I am almost certain that this will not be the last time I will suffer from “writer’s block”. So thank you for your patience in allowing me to get through this.

There will be more writing to come …so stay tuned.


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I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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