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Flaws…Human Flaws

I would not exactly call them weaknesses….flaws would be a better word being as we all have them.

Allow me to list them




FEAR in not TRUSTING in my abilities,

ENVYING those who have it all (or appear to): looks, money, traveled to places I longed to go to

FEARING what other people may think of me or my ideas, so you either put your dream or idea on hold or you abandon it all together, so as to fit in or belong.

Then the other ills come into being (procrastination, self-doubt, negativity), and others I can't think of right now.

However, I may have these flaws, but they no longer dictate how I live.

As I have said repeatedly, I am a work in progress, always evolving and changing…so I addressed my flaws this way.

Yes, I have these flaws and others not listed here because when you combine them they become one…by being afraid of what others might think, I "stifle" my growth and development, thereby not believing that I can do or achieve, which

can undermine your confidence, which sends you on

the road to being mediocre, only to ask yourself years later, " If only I had".

Too late then.

I have begun facing my fears, working through the self-doubts, have been talked about, laughed at, been told I will never be anything more than what I am…and begun to live MY dreams. Not saying this will be an easy ride, as life itself is not, I am learning to trust more(which has not been easy for me at all), and just going for it. That is how my blog got started, as I am approaching the first year anniversary of its inception, I have come far…and there is more to come.

So stay tuned.

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About Annye

I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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