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Write us a synopsis of your memoir. What are some significant milestones in your life? Which age was the best, and which was the worst?

As I write this,  I want you all to know that there more milestones to come, so stay tuned…

For those milestones that I have crossed, turning 50 was a big one…as was turning 40… 35…25…18 (which was the legal drinking age in my day)…

Other milestones include graduating from high school…completing college and getting ny bachelor’s degree…landing my very first full time job…buying my first car… becoming an auntie… buying my first home…

But  the most significant milestone I am experiencing is right now in the present…because I have taken all that I have learned and allow myself to be molded into the person that I am coming to be… being comfortable in my skin, accepting my flaws, and imperfections, and embracing the gifts that I have( and those that I have recently discovered) knowing that what ever path I take if it is
to be, it will be up to me(with God guiding my light).

Which age is best? My present age of 53 years, for the reasons that I have mentioned earlier(now that could change at a later tine, so get ready for that).

Which age was worst?  It was not just one age but a rangesthat begins at age 45  till the age of 52 ( period  from October 2006 till November 2013) .
  That age range was chosen for the string of events that happen that required me to look into myself and see if I could learn something in spite of what has happened (getting fired from my job, losing my home, breaking my arm in a car accident which required a long recovery period, both of my parents undergoing major medical procedures,  work concerns)…The saying it if  doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger definitely came into play here…Went into the storm, made it through to the other side….stronger, resilient. My daddy would say that certain events happen to you for a reason, and regardless of the outcome, there’s always a lesson that can be learned.   I believe that more and more now.

Like I said earlier, stay tuned…more to come…


About Annye

I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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