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An Inequality Laundry List

Today is Blog Action Day. Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

To me, inequality means:

*Not having decent health care when you need to use it.

*Work your ass off, and still cannot earn a decent living wage.

*Special Interest Groups that “buy” and “own”  candidates, (Congressman/Congresswoman once elected) .

*No access  to clean air,  water, or a doctor.

*Substandard Education  (which is the result of cuts in the budgets, among other reasons).

*Not being allowed the opportunity to express dissent; especially if you do not share or agree with the view of the other individual.  Instead, you are made to feel different, inferior.

*Not being offered opportunities to better yourself  (job wise and/or education wise, since they pretty much go hand in hand), for reasons other than not being qualified.

*Special Interest Groups that has Congress’ ears more so than the people who they are suppose to be representing.

*Not having access to fresh fruits and vegetables, much less able to afford them.

*Being denied the right to vote because of some stupid ass law(s) that have recently been “put in place”

*Age Discrimination, Sexism, Racism, all those negative ass “isms”

There are a lot more inequalities out there, but this what I came up with.

Let’s hear yours.


About Annye

I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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