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My American Horror Story Regarding the Election and the Unknown Factor

Don’t get me wrong here. I consider the right to vote an honor and I take it very seriously.  With the election less than 24 hours away, I can definitely understand the disgust, the fear, the anger, the uncertainty …I get all  that.  It’s the unknown that concerns me more than anything.  The unknown as to how the election will play out and so out of our control.

The following questions relate to the unknown as follows:

*Who will get elected?   Or re-elected?

*Will the House and Senate be “influenced” by the same political party (whoever that happens to be), or will it stay in its current  state as it is now?

*Will those that “buy” and “own” candidates and/or elected officials continue using those individuals to further their vision?

(Let’s call it what it is)

*Will there truly be bipartisan support, or will it be the SOS (same old s@#t )we have been having  been getting  for so damn long?

* There are those that yearn for more simpler times.  Were those times really simpler? And if so, for whom?

*There’s talk about dismantling and/or reorganizing  (Social Security,  Medicare/Medicaid, Obamacare to name a few).  What replaceable options or alternatives can be offered instead of the same old SOS, such as vouchers, invest in the stock market, etc?

*Why are there so damn many political ads on TV, and negative ones at that?  Those who use them(and both parties do)do so because they work; but on whom?

*And these ads are not just on TV, they have even appeared on Facebook…Really?

However, the one question I have to ask is this:

* Does your vote really count?

*Is your voice truly being heard?

I thought about that when I went to cast my ballot last week.    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told  that your vote is never wasted, regardless who you vote for.  I like to believe that statement is still true some 34 years later; but you have to wonder…and no, I will not be watching the election returns tomorrow evening; I’ve had more than my fill.  The end results  will find you anyway; then we will all live happily ever after.

Or not.

The End.


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