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Same Old Stuff… Dragging it Out…Just Dragging it Out…

What bores me? Let me answer that. For one, going to a meeting, and hearing the same old message over and over again (We are at…we need to be at…) and you work at achieving the task… A month later, you go to another meeting, and hear the exact same message…again. Makes you not want … Continue reading


And the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Pulitizer Goes To…

When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be the well rounded entertainer (actress/singer), as well as a best selling author. What am I now? I am a document analyst/processor. Are the two connected? You think? However…. It pays the bills and allows me to work on my passion(s).

Too Late: I Want to Shrink Like Those Cartoons on TV

When was the last time I stood out anywhere?  Last week, when I went to the lab to have a CT Scan done (my doctor said the paperwork had been faxed and I did not need to bring anything).  I arrived about 1130AM, took a seat, and about 20 minutes later one of the staff … Continue reading

Another Radio Station Outsourced

I should have known. The local classical station that I’ve been listening to off and on for about 25 years is no more. Now don’t get your hair all tangled up. The station is still on the air, still playing classical music and still has the same call letters. So what I did I mean … Continue reading

A 21st Century Citizen with a Split View

Do I belong in this day and age? Do I feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st Century? If I do, explain why…But if I don’t, when in human history would I rather be? These questions came to me in an email message courtesy of both The Daily Press and Plinky. I really didn’t … Continue reading



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