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The Body Image and Self-Esteem Show

There are times when I just want to turn everything off (TV, computer, books, magazines); and that includes life too. Why? I am sitting down thumbing through pages of a magazine noticing how the women featured are so “put together” (firm abs, thighs not jiggly, smooth skin). Next, you are watching one of the news … Continue reading

Positive Qualities/What I Can Continue to Improve On…

Plinky was kind enough to provide me a “nibble” of a question to answer. So without waiting, here is my response. The most favorite thing(s) about me? The ability to laugh at myself and not be afraid to do it. Resilence, given my life experiences to date. The ability to get back up and start … Continue reading

It’s My Hair…Do You Have a Problem with It?

A few days ago I began hearing comments about Gabrielle (Gabby) Douglas, the new Olympic All-Around Champion in Women’s Gymnastics, regarding her hair and how she looked on the podium. One of the comments I heard went along the lines sounding like this: “…I can’t believe she went out there with her hair looking like … Continue reading

The Following Post Will Not Be Written This Evening Because…

I am having what is called in writing circles ” writer’s block” , which is defined by dictionary.com as a “…temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.”. And since I cannot seem to get past it, I might as well blog … Continue reading



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