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Organized Religion…Out on Leave

God will gather up all your troubles and use them in a way so you can grow and get closer to him…

That was part of a Sunday homily I listened to several months ago. But there was something about that phrase that I cannot wrap my head around.

God will gather up all your troubles and use them in a way so you can grow and get closer to him…

How can I grow by allowing
God gather up all of my troubles?

There was a time in my life when I was a pretty religious being; by that I mean being involved in the mass, looking forward to Wednesdays for choir practice and Sundays to help proclaim the Word through the gift of song.

I was never one of those “in your face” types thinking I was better than anyone, but I was proud of my faith and very much in tune with church teachings (I was baptized and raised Catholic) and that we are to have faith in God and trust in his word; that he will provide regardless of the circumstances and that he will never give you more than you can handle…

That was back in 1983.

I began losing interest in the faith in 1988.

Fast forward to today, 2018.

I have lost faith in organized religion. That is not to say that I do not believe in God; far far from it.

There is so much crap that is in and on the airwaves that you can cut it with a with a cake knife and serve it for all three meals plus dessert. This “crap” is being spewed from the mouths of those “shepherds” (I am referring to all denominations, being an equal opportunity offender, albeit that not all members of the religious are bad acting apples) whose job is to guide us sheep on the road to salvation, but instead have forgotten their vows, oaths or whatever you want to call it. What I am hearing is this:

“I am in charge and you are not.”

“I am going to take what I am entitled to and don’t you dare question me.”

“I have been granted this insight by Almighty God and as such, I have the right to say what I am saying.”

How do I see it being played out?
Like this:

These “Men(and Women) of God” have turned a blind eye to their vows and placed them elsewhere…from supporting somebody(or somebodies)who can help them obtain power and notoriety while also covering up for past sins that have permanently scarred some individuals (and possibly for life). If those in their congregations support them, then all is well and life is sweet; but if you are among those that do not…good luck with that.

What has happened with helping your fellow man? There was a hymn that I used to sing where the words went something like this: Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.
What happen to that? Is that done only when there are cameras present and extensive coverage provided from the mainstream press and TV so that the rest of us sinners will see what we are missing?

What I do see is the call for money, more money, and leaders asking their congregations to declare total allegiance to them unconditionally.

And as members of these congregations, what are we suppose to do? Just accept what the leader of our respective domination(s) says and not question it because only they have God’s ear? Do we accept whatever answer they give as God’s will and not question it or face retribution?
If they asked for money(and they will) do we not have the right to ask where the funds will be going and how will they be spent? Will there be communications where we are kept abreast of the situation?

I also know that not all members of the religious act in the ways that have been laid out in this post, nor blindly follow the lead of those in charge.

God did not make us individuals as one size fits all; so why should you go to a church(or mosque, temple, synagogue, home, etc.) where you are told how to worship, think, and live your life?

And let’s just say that you don’t find a place of worship where you can really worship… Does that necessarily make you a bad person if you stop going to church all together? I know lots of individuals who do not go to church or don’t have any type of religion and are very good people who live the good news as opposed to those who go to church every Sunday and make sure you know that they go to church every Sunday; these individuals are some of the biggest ass hypocrites on this planet.

That is where I am currently at right now. It pains me to say I attend mass…but not every Sunday as I used to nor with the excitement as I once had in my early 20s.


For starters, I am not a “Stepford Type” Catholic.
In the 80s, the church mainly place their focus on married couples; especially those with children. There was no ministry established for singles, but you were told that God had a place for single adults in the church. Doing what? Religious Life? Put extra money in the collection to help those large families who send their children to expensive catholic schools? Explain the logic behind that please. Didn’t get it then, and don’t get it now.

That politics thing. When a major election approaches, they hand out these pamphlets with “suggestions” on how to vote your conscience…but then list those candidates that are not “in line” with church teaching. Nobody is going to tell me how to cast my vote; not today, not tommorrow, not ever.

Status Quo. The scandals of one type or another. All I keep hearing is there are ongoing Investigations…It is virtually putting a big Band-Aid on a wound that is incapable of healing. It is old and I am tired of hearing the same answers being given over and over.

I have not lost faith in God but in organized religion and their out of date institutions…I attend mass to focus on the word but what I am hearing is everything else but the word…is there any place where I can go and it is just me, Jesus, and no one else?

In the meantime, I will pray for guidance and take it step by step, one day at a time.

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I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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