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I Need to DO SOMETHING…So That I Can Feel Better

The day started out good as days go, especially work days. I had settled into my desk and began going about my work; even as much as finding a rhythm to one of the songs on the radio to mark time as I completed the task I was assigned. About 1210 PM, I was summoned … Continue reading

My fear of Not fulfilling what I REALLY want to do

Have I always had this fear? YES. How severe is it? Severe enough to realize time is ticking away. Back in the spring I was asked what I really would like to do with my life, and I said something in the performing arts. I didn't think much of that …until Memorial Day weekend when … Continue reading

As a Guest Blogger, what would I blog about?

Two things; politics and religion (in this instance the two are connected at the hip like identical twins). As a person who attends church on a regular basis, it sickened me to watch some religious leaders get out there and put in their two cents on how one should vote (which in my opinion is … Continue reading

Just Be Glad You Have a Job…But Seriously, Can You?

Just be grateful that you have a job. Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I very much am, considering the journey I have been on (and still am on; read my previous postings Starting Over…Then and Now and Making Payment Arrangements for insight). But the people who tell you this, when in conversation, are they being … Continue reading



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