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Who are you? I am both.

Myself? I am more of an appreciative bystander…but yet, I also consider myself a performer "under wraps", in that I can attend a performance an enjoy it thoroughly, but yet I picture myself also performing in that event as well. Some examples to illustrate this. I have great admiration for those who are blessed with … Continue reading

What’s The One Habit (or 2) I Would Change About Me? Let me see…

It would be belief in my abilities (self-confidence, believing I can do it ; pretty much it all comes back to the same thing) and stop worrying about what others think. I have come a long way in this; for me as I am getting older there is so much crap I am

For Those Square Pegs That Do Not Fit in Round Holes…

I saw this on quoteshub.org as well as on a few other sites.  It really hit home, especially after the day I had today.  It reminded me that I am a good person, unique and original as God intended, not a one size fits all mentality.  So I am going to post this for those … Continue reading

The Little Things I Take

What is one of the things that I love (which are few but are precious) that defines MY world but is often overlooked? One of those things is to get away from every body and everything and just sit in the moment and do nothing but let your mind wonder. Due to the busyness that … Continue reading



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