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Smile! …You’ve Just Been Stabbed.

You know them. You went to school with them. You even worked with them. You have been conversing with this person about mostly everything. Work, family, personal life, co-workers, church, etc. Trusting, kind, and sincere this person is. You felt comfortable enough that you didn’t think your “trust” in this person could possibly one day … Continue reading

Starting Over…Then and Now

It is never easy to start over when one loses a job whether the individual has been laid off, let go, fired… Those are the moments where I literally felt the world stopped turning, for life as I once knew it was forever changed, and I was entering unchartered waters; it began on a clear … Continue reading

Making Payment Arrangements

Making Payment Arrangements The following is for those of who have experienced financial setbacks such as car trouble, medical issues and so forth. Even if you haven’t, feel free to read it if you like. I am sitting in the customer waiting area of the gas and electric company, whose name shall remain nameless. I … Continue reading

About The Blog

The blog will be mostly about my life experiences. ¬†After all, who knows my life better than me? ¬†Those topics wold include ( but are not limited to) television, film, music, faith, nutrition, exercise….plus other topics along the way…

Hello world!

Hello and Welcome! This being my very first entry, I will get to the point. This blog will be mostly about the thoughts and experiences of the one subject I know best…me! You are welcome to stop by and visit. Feel free to share also.



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