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The Four Phases of Discussion

A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people? Ideal number of people?  Hmmm…that would also depend on the setting.  If you were having an informal gathering with a few of your closest friends and just wanted … Continue reading

An Inequality Laundry List

Today is Blog Action Day. Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life? To me, inequality means: *Not having decent health care when you need to use it. *Work your ass off, and still cannot earn a decent … Continue reading

Your Question Is This

Being In Charge for a Day (Thank God)

We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. Here’s the twist: Write this post in a style distinct from your own. The following  is more of an anxiety than it is a fear; nonetheless, it is up there. I arrive at work. I begin to … Continue reading

Truth Serum? You’re Kidding, Right?

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask? That’s easy.  I would give the serum to the politicians of the two political parties as well as those politicians who call  themselves independents.  I would … Continue reading



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