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Mirror,Mirror, What Do I See? Is That a True Perception of Me?

Written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:

” What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? And Why?”

I hate looking at myself on video because how I feel and  perceived myself to be does not come out that way. I feel young, full of pep, thin(that’s right; thin like that  Skinny Oreo Cookie they have out now) and exciting.

I look anything other than that.  I am of slightly average height(what exactly is average, right?), pleasingly plump ( is that phrase still being used? ), older(not your turn of the century version or even your WWII version of older), and have rediscovered my exciting ( by that I mean awakened my passion to do those things that I enjoy doing).

Oh well, I  work with the cards that I’ve been dealt. Which is not bad considering the things I can do, the things I have done, and the thinges I will be doing.  Besides, it would be very boring if I were to look like anyone else.

But  I still refuse to be in anybody’s video…Because I appear to be larger than I really am.

You can hide behind your voice or your writings and have a different persona…you can’t do that when your appearance has been put on display for all to see.




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I am an administrative assistant who started blogging to share my life experiences.


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